Love of music came early on in life, when Ryan started to take guitar lessons at barely 13 after feeling a strong gravitation towards the sound of the instrument coming out of the radio. Growing up with few distractions in rural The Netherlands allowed him to practice the instrument for hours on end, which quickly prepared Ryan to join local bands. 

Playing music became the overpowering element in Ryan's life, who after high school enrolled at the Conservatory of Amsterdam where he would 4 years later graduate with a Bachelor of Music degree.

Amsterdam is where the foundation of Ryan's early musical life was build. The education at the Conservatory provided training from highly esteemed musicians from The Netherlands and far beyond and in addition the city's vibrant night life and forward way of thinking proved to be an excellent place to find a stage to play and experiment.

Soon after graduating, 2008 marked a turning point when Ryan released his debut EP "Patience Seeds" and was asked later that year to join Mina Caputo's touring band who were about to kick off their European tour. The collaboration with Mina Caputo resulted in several recordings and eventually in an entirely new original band named "The Neptune Darlings". 

The Neptune Darlings have today released two full length albums "Chestnuts & Fireflies" 2011 and "Principium Sequentia" (2018). 

After releasing his self titled debut album in 2011, Ryan moved to NYC where besides playing in several bands he found his other creative voice as an expressionist painter. 

In 2017 Ryan relocated to Los Angeles where he continues his musical activities as a recording/performing musician and guitar teacher.