Chestnuts & Fireflies

Chestnuts & Fireflies


The Neptune Darlings "Chestnuts & Fireflies" 

1. Eighth Order from the Sun 
2. Headspace 
3. Neptunus 
4. All My Life 
5. White Swan 
6. The Demon in Me 
7. Glow Worm 
8. Little Owl 
9. Chestnuts & Fireflies


released January 1, 2011 

Mina Caputo: Vocals, Piano, Acoustic, Bass Fender Rhodes, Drums, Electric Piano, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Subharmonics 

Ryan Oldcastle: Vocals, Piano, Acoustic, Electric Guitars, Electric Bass, Synthesizers, Subtractive & Additive synths, Frequency Modulations 

Produced by Mina Caputo & Ryan Oldcastle 

Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound New York, NY 

Recording, Production, Arrangements & mixing by Mina Caputo & Ryan Oldcastle 

Additional Engineering, Mixing & Recording by Joey Zampella at M.O.G. Brooklyn, NY 

Art by David Lupton.

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